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How it works?

Drapeau de la France

The Kitesurf type traction kite requires constant steering that is not compatible with Kayaks or stand up paddles, and the single-string, self-stabilized kite without steering for children provides no traction.

TAXIKITE's innovation, which is patented, is to produce traction without steering. This kite can be adapted to nearly all existing models of kayaks, stand up paddles and tenders. It opens instantly, is flown and recoveredfrom the craft, and enables you to sail downwind (45° both side), without steering, with a wind of 13 knots or more.


A base has to be strapped around the craft(or the seat of the tender) or between the lifelines. It can also be bolted on.
The bar-winch assembly is then clipped onto the base.

Possible Wind/Directions

The craft is naturally pulled in the downwind direction. To sail on a heading, just use your paddle or pull the bar.

Flying and recovering your Taxikite

The stationary kite starts flying at 7 knots. You have to add the speed of the craft for it to stay sailing.

Therefor, 13 knots is the minimum speed required.

The headings possible are running 45° either side of dead downwind.
Windward relief and buildings can disturb the balance of the kite.

The base has already been fitted.
The kayak is heading downwind.
The bar-winch assembly is clipped on.
The 2 lines are connected to the kite, the brake is on.
The kite fills.
The bar is held with one hand and the brake is gradually released.